We are most big guns store in North Las Vegas.


Special Order Is Welcome (with discount)

We can get your favorite gun, powder and detonator for you if you make a 50% deposit in advance. You are entitled to receive 8% discount from the list price with this security deposit.

Sale of Firarms

We are sculling Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Bolt action rifles, Automatic rifles, Full automatic rifles, Sniper rifles, Sub-machine gun, Light machine gun, Heavy machine gun and some of the various secondhand guns.

Sale of Ammunitions

Factory Ammo, Primer, Gun powder, Brett, Once fired brass case (empty cartridge).

Firearms Storage Service in Our Shop

While you are away from home, you may use our safety lockers at our shop to storage your gun.

Outdoor Shooting Gallery

Both our gun shop and our shooting gallery have been in business for over 30 years in other states. In addition, our company always devote on the safety and ,we have never had any single accident for 30 years. Thus we acquire big trust from many customers.

Instruction and Training

We instruct your Safety Training, Firearms Handling at outdoor Shooting Range, Shooting Practice. Please bring your own guns and ammo, or you are avilable to use our rental guns and ammo.

Reservation of Outdoor shooting

With so many unique packages to choose from. We, offers the best of the shooting. What do you want to shoot?

Non-operating Items

Our ammo is factory load only. We don't carry any re-loaded ammunitions. We don't handle name change of the ownership as well as trading or transporting guns to other states. We do not do gun repair and do not buy used gun.


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